Im in love!

Im in love!

Ladies it is a must that you check out this website!! Everything for a dollar, yes ma’am A DOLLAR!!! Plenty of cute stuff but hurry cuz things are going really fast! Oh and shipping is $3.95 when you spend $35+. 


                               YOUR VERY WELCOME!! 🙂



Every night right before i go to bed i do some kind of research. Its usually on fashion or makeup. But lately its all been about jobs and apartments. Thats all I’ve been thinking about. Getting that one good job in ATL that will allow me to be on my own and enjoying life as i should be. Im excited to find that job that gives me a nice little office in the city with amazing views and coworkers i can go and have happy hour with. Ive already seen some apartments that i can’t wait to walk through!!. I certainly will pray on this. 23 and single in amazing city like ATL should be quiet interesting!!






My stress level is at its ultimate high level lately. With my job issues leading to other things and having to get ready for a whole new city (ATL). No time to just sit back and relax, I want to start looking at jobs so i know i have one when i move buttttt i won’t officially be there till OCTOBER. Whats it like in ATL in october?! Having to drive 10+hrs by myself is outrageous!!! Lets not even get started with school. Im convinced that i will never get a chance to get back into school. I’m hoping that this is my last move and that i can actually get myself together the way i need to be. 


If anyone is in ATL and wants to link up hit me up!


So i know I’m not the only one who thinks this season of #OITNB wasn’t that good. Daya worked every bit of my nerves!! Im confused as how she think Bennett can be a good father if she wants him to tell the truth AND do jail time?! Big red has lost her touch!! She’s just red now. And that crazy biotch Vee, lets just say I’m glad she’s gone!! I forgot the older ladies name (she has cancer) but she went out like the boss that she is!! lol

Heyyyyyy Boo’s!!!

 I wanted to make a blog about any and everything. I was told “if you make a blog it has to be on a certain thing” blah blah blahhhh!! Welllll this one will be about EVERYTHING!!!! Fashion, food, music and whatever else comes to mind. Sooooo sit back and enjoy the ride! lmao, i play to much!! Bye guys!!


Ps. expect grammatically incorrect grammar, i mean who really expresses themselves with all the correct punctuality?!